change the unchangeable


Change the unchangeable

Dear teacher:

I’m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. Today my topic is “Change the unchangeable”.

As we all know, the world is not unchanging. Everything that we think unchangeable can be changed as time goes on. For example, the rulers of qing dynasty used to be so arrogant that they despised and rejected to establish diplomatic relations with those small western countries. However, the qing dynasty was invaded by these small countries and the rulers had to surrender in less than 30 years.Finally,the rulers had to accept this change and exerted themselves to build modern nation-state on the basis of traditional dynasty-states to survive.

When new China was founded in 1949, it was thought poor and backward and some countries even thought that it would be overthrown in the near future. However, the new rulers changed the old ideas and made new plans to govern the new country and the people started their diligent work and unremitting efforts.In the past decades, the country’s regime has been holding firm and it has become one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world. It plays a more and more important role on the international stage now.

Don’t be afraid of change. You might lose something good, but you will gain something better. We must make a choice to take a chance to change or our life will never change. And only in this way can we make a happier life and a better world.

Thanks for your listening.

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