A beautiful and very successful actress (女演员) was the star for a new musical show. Her home was in the countryside, but she did not want to go back there every night, so she bought an expensive house in the centre of the city, got some beautiful furniture (家具) and got a man to paint the rooms in new colours.

It was very difficult to get tickets for her show, because everybody wanted to

see it. So she decided to give the painter two of the best seats. She hoped that this


would make him work better for her. He took the tickets without saying anything, and


she heard no more about them until the end of the month, when she got the painter’s





题 答 得 名 姓不


内 线 封 级密班 密








A lot of teachers hate doodlers(乱写乱画的人)during classes.“Pay attention!”

Teachers will often warn doodling students, sure that they must be daydreaming.

However, according to a recent study, doodling while listening to a boring lecture

helps concentrate the attention。

Andrade, a psychology professor in England asked participants to listen to a

boring lecture. Half the participants were told to color in squares and circles freely

on a piece of paper while listening to the lecture. The other half weren’t given

a task. After it was over, the participants were asked to retell the lecture.

Those given the doodling task (color in squares and circles) remembered 29 percent

more information than the non-doodlers.Andrade said.

“If someone is doing a boring task,like listening to a dull conversation,they may

start daydream,”said Professor Andrade.

“Daydreaming distracts (使分心) them from the task,resulting in poorer

performance.A simple task,like doodling,can stop them from daydreaming without

affecting their performance at the task.”he said. So the next time you’re doodling during a class, and you hear “pay attention”,you can tell the teacher with confidence that you’ve been paying attention to every word. 1.The passage mainly tells us . A.doodling will be banned in classes B. teachers are against doodling C.doodling may help concentrate D. doodling call lead to daydream 2.Teachers hate doodlers because they thought . A.doodlers are not good at study B.doodlers are doing no task C.doodlers pay no attention in class D.doodlers are not polite to them 3.According to the text,it is helpful to doodle when . A.a boring lecture is given B.an interesting story is told C.watching a long TV program D.having a conversation with the teacher 4.We can learn from the text that . A.doodling is the best way to draw attention B.daydreaming is different from doodling C.doodling will be helpful in any occasion D.every student should doodle in class B

第1页 (共8页) bill (账单). At the bottom of it were these words: “ Four hours watching Miss Hall

sing and dance: 3 pounds,” with this note: “After 5 p.m., I get 15 shillings (先

令) an hour instead of 10 shillings.”

5. The actress bought a house in the centre of the city because ______.

A. she liked to live in the busiest place B. she didn’t like to live in

the country

C. her home was far away from where she worked D. she didn’t want to go back

to her hometown any longer

6. In order to make the painter work better for her, the actress ________. A. gave him two tickets for her show B. sang and danced for him for hours C. paid him 3 pounds D. decided to pay him 15 shillings an hour 7. What kind of man was the painter? A. He was a careful man. B. He was a poor man. C. He was not friendly to others. D. He knew little about music and dances.



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